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Empoyee Performance Review Tip?

...start by defining what you want to get out of it. This is the best employee performance review tip I can share with you.

Steven Covey of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People fame is famous for the saying "begin with the end in mind". Simply stated, this means having a very clear idea of what you want to achieve right from the beginning.

This can be applied to any goal setting process including getting ready for your performance reviews.

Performance appraisal or employee performance review is an important employee development process. It is of benefit to you, your manager and your employer.

You have the ability to maximize the benefit available to you than just "let the system do its thing".

To do this, a good place to start is to think about what you want from it...and make the most of this employee performance review tip.

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What do you want from it?

Performance reviews affect several different aspects of you career.

You need to decide which ones are important to you.

Some of them are:

  • Compensation - this is probably the most impacted aspect depending on how the performance management system in your company is structured. Many performance management systems require your manager or a group of managers to assign a rating to your review. This is an overall indication of how well you performed against your objectives, set criteria and your peers during the year. The size of your annual increase, bonus, stock options and other compensation is usually linked to your review rating. Remember this performance review tip.
  • Promotion - how well you perform is also closely linked to your ability to get promoted. Poor performers seldom get promoted unless you still happen to be working for a company that has lost it! Depending on your performance you could be considered for a promotion either in your present job or in another job. One of my very good subordinates recently got promoted into another job mainly due to her strong performance in the present job and the abilities she was able to demonstrate to others.
  • Potential - this is how well you could perform in other positions particularly of increasing responsibility and complexity. There are many ways to assess potential. However, it goes without saying that how well you perform in your present position provides a strong indication of your future abilities. Being able to demonstrate strong, consistent and reliable performance over a period of time builds your future potential. Keep this performance review tip at the back of your mind at all times and you will be able to avoid surprises in your performance appraisal discussions.
  • Career - this is more about the overall aspects of your job and position and covers things such as: how well you are enjoying what you are doing; the extent of your growth and development; job fit; competency gaps; where you fit in the overall scheme of career path in your company; your possible next moves; and, so on. This is very closely linked to your performance. The more you are satisfied with what you do the better your performance should be.
  • Brand - this word summarizes very well most of the points mentioned above. How are you perceived by others? What do they think of you? Do they trust you and know that you will be able to deliver the goods or are they doubtful of your capabilities? Is your assessment of your career brand good or does it need some work? This is a key performance review tip which has a big impact on your career.

Write down your objectives

Here are some questions to ask yourself now:

  • What is most important to me during my performance review?

  • What do I want to achieve?

  • What does success look like to me at the end of the review?

  • What areas do I want further clarity on? E.g. - how I am doing; My potential; My gaps; How others perceive me; My future in this company; etc.

Remember, some things you will need to start well in advance - e.g. if you are after a promotion, no point thinking about it towards the end of the year.

If this is what you are after, you will need to plan in advance, announce your intention to your manager and work at doing a great job during the year. This may lead to a great review and the promotion or compensation increase you are after.

This is another important performance review tip to keep in mind.

For each of the questions above, spend some time reflecting on them and then write down what you want to achieve.

Review your objectives and see if you can narrow them down even further. Focus helps you get traction. Traction will bring you closer to your goals. Next - understand your company's system.
All 10 steps

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