Do You Have a Passion… or Expertise? Want to Make Real Money Online at Home With a Hassle-Free Website?
Discover My Secret!

Here’s where you discover my secret about building a web business around my passion and make money with a website that’s easy to build.

You can make real money online too... if you have a passion, a special interest or expertise. No, you do NOT need any technical skills.

I have built this site from scratch without knowing anything about websites! No HTML, no coding, nothing! That's right - Zip!

What I did know was about careers and career development and for almost a year I was looking around for an easy way to create a website that would help me share my expertise with thousands of people, globally.

In my one year of searching I came across many hosting services, website providers, e-business consultancies but it all seemed too hard, too expensive, too time consuming. And, to top it off I had to become an overnight expert on the techie side of things before I could get my site up and running.

It was then that I stumbled upon Site Build It (SBI), which not only gave me everything I was looking for, but even more... It came with easy-to-follow tutorials - I did not have to even learn a single thing about coding, HTML and stuff like that.

And, to top it off, it came with proof of solid results from countless ordinary people like you and me...

"For twenty-five years, the spirit of a small time entrepreneur was trapped inside the mind and body of a government administrator. Me. Unlike my many years as a paycheck-to-paycheck civil servant; every moment that I'm working now I'm creating additional value for me and my family as I build my business and add to my portfolio of products. Because my online business runs virtually on automatic pilot these days, I will have the freedom to travel to Japan this December to visit my daughter who is teaching high school there. Since my products are downloadable, maintaining my business and dealing with any customer service issues from Japan will be a simple matter of checking my e-mail accounts via the Net once a day. Life just gets better each day."

Shaun Fawcett

I am yet to come across any other site-building platform that can show results like this...

"Having the opportunity to share Vieques and Puerto Rico with so many people around the world is a great satisfaction. As a bonus, I get to go on a tax-deductible vacation every year. I can visit my beautiful island, ride my jeep, take lots of photos, meet great new people, and write travel guides about places I love. I felt that money would just be the icing on the top. Of course, I did not realize how much icing my cake would have."

Luisa Cupeles

Thousands of Dollars in Value for
Less than $1 per Day??

I knew I was on to something good when I looked at how much it was going to cost me to create my own website... less than $1 per day - it was almost too good to be true!

Given my previous experiences, I was a bit skeptical. But, I decided to take the plunge and see for myself if I could make money online at home, in my spare time.

Guess what?

The more I got into building this site the more I realized that what I have here is one powerful combination of tools - created by Dr. Ken Evoy, the brain behind SBI - giving me everything I needed to build a profitable website. That’s my secret tool to make money with a website sharing my passion and expertise with the world.

And not only that.

SBI removes all the techie and manual work involved in building a site and leaving me with the ability to express my passion and creative side to the fullest - and to make real money online.

I was thrilled to discover that SBI conveniently bundles everything I wanted... domain name, fast and reliable hosting, point-and-click site building, professional templates, secure email accounts, newsletter, autoresponders, blogging and so much more...

Plus, all the keyword research, submission and tracking tools I need to build and maintain a site that draws thousands of visitors - all free search engine traffic.

You’ll see in a moment how SBI compares with other companies that offer similar services and then beats them hands down.

But your most valuable advantage with SBI is the step-by-step tutorial that shows you in plain English what you need to do, along with a one-of-a-kind, friendly forum where you get to help and be helped, network with like-minded people and make great friends...

"Those forums are an amazing resource! An amazing place. They are a family, a university, a village, a private club, all in one. The $299 price is worth it just for these. It's like buying an annual membership to an exclusive club and getting the rest of SBI! for free."

Jerry Mack

So this is my secret.

If you have a great idea, a passion or expertise on any topic at all and want to make money with a website that’s hassle-free, then SBI is for you!

Go on, take the plunge! You will not regret it!

Still have some questions?

If you are like me... I had lots of questions about the hosting service, how I would go about doing this or that, how much techie skills was a pre-requisite and on and on...

I wanted to make sure that what I was about to get into was not some gimmick and that I would really get what I wanted - i.e. the ability to create a great website and a true web business that will make real money online.

So if you have a question, just ask - I am sure it will be answered to your satisfaction. All of mine were.

Dr. Ken Evoy and his team are constantly over delivering. You will be pleased you made the decision to move forward. It is an amazing journey.

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