Do You Want to Have a Great Performance Review?

...then you must read this eBook!

This eBook will help you get a great performance review. A step by step guide to show you how to understand the performance review system in your company and use it to your advantage to ace your performance review.

great performance review

What others are saying about this eBook

“A first of its kind – written for the employee rather than the manager!”
“Simple and easy to implement.”
“Packed with real life tips that helped me get a great review.”
"I use it all the time - it has paid for itself many times over"

A great performance review...10 steps away

This eBook will show you how to:

  • Identify what you want to achieve from your review
  • Understand the performance review system in your company
  • Show you what and how to record your achievements during the year
  • Write your draft review
  • Set yourself up for success when you submit your review
  • Prepare yourself and your mind before the discussion
  • Stay in control and manage the discussion with your manager
  • Anticipate tough questions or situations and handle it to your advantage
  • Effectively follow-up after the performance review

Five FREE Bonus Offers worth more than $30

Buy "The Ten Steps to a Great Performance Review" eBook today and get these five FREE bonus offers valued at over $30!

1. Great performance review verbs($9.95)-FREE
2. Performance feedback($19.95)-FREE
3. How to be happy at work-FREE
4. How not to ruin your career-FREE
5. The 90-10 rule-FREE


I have designed the bonus offers to give you the edge. When combined with the "The Ten Steps to a Great Performance Review" eBook, the bonus offers will give you all that you need to know, understand and prepare well for a great performance review.

FREE Bonus Offer One - Great Performance Review Verbs

This eBook contains a sprinkling of the main verbs you need to use when writing your performance review. You don't need to guess anymore or spend countless hours thinking of the most appropriate verb to use. Just think of your achievement and select the right verb - and you will be on your way to a great performance review.

FREE Bonus Offer Two - Performance Feedback

Getting ready for a review and feeling a bit nervous? This eBook will give you some handy hints and tips on how to receive feedback from your manager, handle difficult situations and still stay in control. A must read if you want to have a great performance review.

FREE Bonus Offer Three - How to be happy at work

Have an unhappy work environment and maybe also a bad boss? Then you don't need to put up with this anymore. This manifesto will show you how to become more happy, creative and successful at work.

FREE Bonus Offer Four - How not to ruin your career

Have a big ego? Or are you not even aware you have one? Be warned, your ego if left unchecked could lead you astray and ruin your career. This manifesto will give you some important insight into how to manage this - a key ingredient to a great career and a great performance review.

FREE Bonus Offer Five - The 90-10 rule

A good companion to the other bonus offers, this short and simple guide will show you how to care about 90% in your life - i.e. managing how you react to situations rather than worry about the 10% in your life - those situations you have no control over.

Pay only $9.95 and get all six eBooks

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Yes, that is right! For, $9.95 you get the following dynamic package which will help you get a great performance review:

1. The ten steps to a great performance review ($19.95 Only $9.95 introductory offer)

And five FREE bonus offers:

2. Great performance review verbs ($9.95) FREE
3. Performance feedback ($19.95) FREE
4. How to be happy at work FREE
5. How not to ruin your career FREE
6. The 90-10 rule FREE


great performance review


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