Are You Ready for Your Employee Performance Review? Get 6 Six Tips & Techniques to Make the Most of It!

The big day has come for your employee performance review discussion... How do you prepare for your job performance review? What questions related to your career must you get answers for and how do you want to finish the discussion?

Follow these six simple tips to get the most from your job performance review.

1. Get your mind and body ready

It is good to get into a frame of mind to have a useful and positive employee performance review discussion with your boss.

Make sure you get enough rest the night before and start the day on a positive note. Find time during the day and before the review to relax your body and mind by finding a quiet spot, closing your eyes and gently breathing in and out for a few minutes.

Focus your attention on your breathing and relax yourself. With your eyes closed visualize the end outcome you wish to achieve from your review and then let it go.

Do this a few times before your review and you will find yourself approaching the discussion on a more confident and positive note.

2. Review your notes

By now you have done a lot of preparation by thinking about the outcomes , understanding how your system works , collecting data about your employee performance review, writing effectively , providing your input to the review and then submitting it to your boss.

Take time to review your notes and go over your performance during the year. Think about the key points you must mention during the discussion. It is good to have your notes and reference materials with you in case you want to jog your memory.

If you want to go one step further put all your employee performance review related materials in a binder and show it off to your boss. It is a great way to visually demonstrate what you have done during the year!

3. Have the review

But first make sure you will not be interrupted. Although this is something your boss should do step in if you have to.

It is best to do this in a place where there will not be any distractions or interruptions - e.g. people walking in, phone ringing, email vying for attention and so on.

You can always be proactive and book a conference room or suggest an alternative to a busy or distracting location. Once you have done this it is time to summarize your year.

4. Summarize your year

Do this in a few bullet points or sentences making sure you highlight your achievements and particularly the things you are proud of. Keep your reference materials handy and use them if necessary.

Talk about challenges, how you overcame them and what you learnt from them. Talk about your career development techniques you adopted to learn new things. Don't forget to talk about how as a result of the year's experience you are now a more effective member of the team.

This is your chance to talk about yourself so make the most of it. Be aware of how you pitch yourself. There is a fine balance between boasting and talking about your achievements in a professional manner. Maintain that balance and speak with confidence.

5. Listen and ask good questions

A good employee performance review should be a two way conversation. You should allow space for that to take place. Your boss will most likely give you feedback during the discussion on your performance. Listen actively and take notes.

You may not fully agree with all that is being said but try to take the feedback in a positive manner. If you must disagree then do it in a way to leave room to continue the conversation in the near future.

Keep your mind open and ask good questions. What are some performance or career related questions that you want answers for? This is a good timeto bring them up.

If your boss is not able to answer at that moment then agree on following up at a later date.

6. Finish the discussion

Most performance reviews go on for an hour or so and it is important to try and finish the discussion on a positive note. You and your boss have to work together and it does not help either person to have an unpleasant relationship. If you are fortunate to have a good and understanding boss then such discussions are easier.

Take time to thank your boss for their support during the year. If you have agreed on following up certain items then mention them as you are finishing the discussion - as a memory jogger for an actionable item.

Most employee performance reviews leave little time for a detailed career discussion and it is best not to cover both topics at the same time anyway.

A good next step after the employee performance review would be to agree on scheduling some time to review your career goals and objectives and development plan.

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