Are You Going to Live Your Career Dream... Or, Be a Vegetable?

What is your career dream? Are you living it?

"If you don't live your dreams you might as well be a vegetable"

These words were said by Burt Munro (played by Anthony Hopkins) in the movie The World's Fastest Indian.

I watched it last night on DVD and if you have not seen it then I highly recommend it.

It is a true story of courage, perseverance and the natural human desire to have big career dreams.

Burt, a Kiwi (New Zealander) sets off with his Classic Indian Motorcycle for the salt flats in Utah to put himself and his machine to the test. Burt overcomes many obstacles along the way and brings his dream to reality.

So many of us have dreams about or careers, but we chicken out and choose instead to live the life of a vegetable.

Are YOU living your dreams when it comes to your career?

Or, are you living as a vegetable?

The movie is as much about life as it is about things that happen to us and the choices we make in our career and our life.

As Burt sets his mind on his dream he steadily collects those who doubt and question his ability. There are some who even criticize him.

When you set your mind on achieving your career dream do you give up easily at the first obstacle or do you persevere? How do you handle criticism and those who doubt your abilities?

I recently attended a great personal and life development program. I learnt many things. One of them was if you have big dreams then get used to criticism. Burt brushed his doubters away and proved them wrong with his actions. He believed in his dreams.

You will also come across hurdles. If someone says no do you just give up or keep trying? Do you look for ways you can bend the rules and win the game? Or, do you create your own game so you are winning for yourself? Burt did a bit of both.

If your career dream is big then are you always trying to get that big break or that big thing? Life is strange, you know. It will always test you to see if you are really committed to your dream. It does this by sending little opportunities your way to see how you react. Do you give up those little opportunities because they are not the big break or do you act upon them? Burt picks up little opportunities and builds on them which eventually leads him to his biggest test.

What do you need to do to start dreaming big? Reflect on that. Commit yourself to your dreams and passion and bring that to reality?

What turns you on? What is your passion? What brings you enjoyment? What makes the time go by so that you don't even notice the hours ticking by?

Burt says, "all my life I've wanted to do something big".

What is the big thing YOU want to do in your life? What is your career dream?

Go watch the movie and see what comes up in your mind... Write your thoughts down and reflect on them.

Think about some small steps you can start taking today that brings you closer to your passion.

Go make it happen!

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