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by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan

Bossidy, the legendary CEO of Honeywell International, Inc., joins forces with consultant and prolific author Charan to explain how getting things done — not strategy, innovation or anything else — is the most important function of a leader. The authors examine in detail the three key processes of execution — people, strategy and operations — and show how all three are linked. Click to get this summary free!
by Jack Welch with Suzy Welch 

Winning goes beyond Welch’s memoir Jack, Straight From the Gut. In his latest book, Welch addresses his own management techniques honed during his tenure as CEO of General Electric. He includes an overview of cultural values, delves into hiring to explore what winners are made of, shares advice on crisis management, and looks at the external factors that can influence a company's success. Welch also takes a more personal turn, with an eye to individual career issues. Click to get this summary free!
Good to Great
by Jim Collins

What do good companies need to do to become great? To answer this question, Jim Collins (the author of the bestseller Built to Last) and a team of researchers used strict benchmarks to identify a group of 11 elite companies that made the leap from good to great and sustained that greatness for at least 15 years. The companies that made the list, and those that did not, provide a vast supply of strategies and ideas that leaders can use within their own organizations to propel them to greatness. Click to get this summary free!

The 360-Degree Leader
by John C. Maxwell

According to leadership expert John C. Maxwell, you can learn to develop your influence from wherever you are in the organization by becoming a 360-degree leader. You can learn to lead up, lead across and lead down. He writes that only 360-degree leaders influence people at every level of the organization, and by helping others, they help themselves. In The 360 Degree Leader, Maxwell explains that becoming a 360-degree leader is within the reach of anyone who possesses average or better leadership skills and is willing to work at it. Click to get this summary free!

Silos, Politics, and Turf Wars
by Patrick Lencioni

In Silos, Politics, and Turf Wars, bestselling author and acclaimed management expert Patrick Lencioni presents a dynamic leadership fable that reveals how organizations can overcome the “silos” that divide work units and paralyze performance. Lencioni also offers solutions to a key leadership issue — the impact of turf wars and political infighting on organizational effectiveness. Written in the form of a realistic but fictional story, Silos, Politics, and Turf Wars tackles a tough business issue in both an entertaining and instructive way. Click to get this summary free!

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