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About me, your host at

Hi, my name is Anoop... Since you are on this page, you probably want to know a bit about me, your host at :)

In a nutshell... I am passionate about developing people. And, about encouraging them to take themselves and their career to their fullest potential.

Over the last fifteen years or so I have worked with many people motivating them to realize who they want to be and become that person.

I was born in India where I got passionate about tinkering with cars during my schooling years.

I later moved to Australia to follow my passion to work for a global automotive company and joined Ford Motor Company of Australia, in Melbourne.

Here, I started off in the shop floor and used my knowledge of MS-DOS learnt while playing on my dad's NGO's (CINI-Child In Need Institute) HCL computers to set up the torque control system for the Ford Capri export program to America.

While working at the Broadmeadows Assembly Plant leading its torque control systems, I convinced management to let me enroll for the Ford sponsored Master of Engineering Degree in Advanced Manufacturing Systems with RMIT, Melbourne.
I completed my Masters in 1994 and my final year project on overhead conveyor system was later implemented at a cost of A$10 mil to improve quality, safety and cost in the Ford Broadmeadows Assembly Plant.

My Master's program had also a subject on Entrepreneurship - it was here that my passion in Entrepreneurship was born.

Ford is a great employer - I later went on to complete company sponsored postgraduate studies in Human Resources and Entrepreneurship from Monash University and Swinburne Graduate School of Entrepreneurship respectively in Melbourne.

I have a multi-disciplinary career having worked in Manufacturing, Product Engineering, Warranty System, eBusiness, Launch Planning & Workforce Readiness and most recently in Human Resources with Ford.

As an intrapreneur I started or re-engineered many systems and processes, saving several million dollars through eBusiness initiatives. I was managing large change management projects in Ford's Asia Pacific operations as well as developing and coaching local nationals to assume positions of leadership.

I have traveled extensively in Asia and Europe. After working for six years in senior HR positions in Ford's Asia Pacific's regional office in Bangkok, I’m now based in India leading the HR function for one of the business units.

I love Entrepreneurship and have a dream about starting a world class organization.

Learning from my father, Dr. Samir Chaudhuri about the importance of giving back to society, I have volunteered actively in Australia, in initiatives such as Victoria's Country Fire Authority, ISKON Food Program and The Smith Family.

I’m also passionate about developing and motivating others - I believe that excellence is KEY to success.

My interests? Entrepreneurship and what drives successful people and organizations... Change management... Developing myself and others... Reading widely... Listening to music from many genres... Nature... Trekking... Playing with my children...

About me - with my girls

I’m married, with two girls and enjoy playing with them between working full out at Ford, writing career advice articles and taking my entrepreneurial desires to the next level.

Seeing people develop and realize their career dreams made me wonder what it would be like if I could touch thousands of others at the same time...

... Which brought me to the web.

After long searches I found the best way to share my passion, real-world experience and insights for developing and motivating people.

And, not only that.

I discovered how to turn my passion into something more long term and at the same time build a business around it.

But enough about me... how about YOU?

What is YOUR passion... experience... or expertise?

Take a look to discover how you can share it with others and
fund your dreams too >>


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