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Career Development

Hi! This is Anoop. My career development expertise comes from years working in a large multinational company in many different roles, countries and cultures.

I enjoy working with people. I enjoy developing people.

The advice I share with you here is real-world advice - not some outdated textbook info that you won't be able to implement in your workplace today.

My main goal here is to inspire you to reach your fullest career potential and dramatically improve your career portfolio - don't wait for someone in your company to show you the way... Create your own way!

Get the Most from this Career Builder Site has 3 kinds of information:

  1. Process - e.g. "How do I complete a career gap analysis?"

  2. Managing change - e.g. "How do I manage my career or lead my career change?"

  3. Thought provoking - e.g. "What am I not doing today that I should be doing to improve my career portfolio?"

I look forward to helping you make the most from the tips, tools, proven techniques and resources on this site. Take time to review and soak up this insider information... trust me, it will propel your career to new heights!

Start with areas that are most relevant to you right now:

Career Insider - Tips & Techniques Companies Never Tell You
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Career Development Blog: Don't Miss Out on these Career Development Tips and Updates!
The Career Change Mentor Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the - subscribe here for career development updates!
Boost Your Career and Your Life With Simpleology – It’s FREE!
Want to boost your career & your life beyond your imagination? Get daily career inspiration, motivation & powerful reminders – all FREE and while having fun! You’ll achieve amazing, IMMEDIATE results
Career Development Techniques To Grow Your Career
Discover which career development techniques will help you the most to grow your career - find out the best career development techniques to close your skills, knowledge, experience, leadership gaps
Career Skill Assessment: What It Is And How To Do It
Find out what a career skill assessment is, things to consider before you do a competency assessment, how to factor in your skills and competencies for your personal career development plan
Career Research: Essential For An Effective Personal Career Development Plan
A good career research and exploration plan helps you collect accurate data, which makes your personal career development plan more effective - follow these 7 steps to put together a great research...
Your Career Management Plan: Get Good At Career Development Planning
Do you have a map – a good career management plan - for where you want to go in your career? Learn personal career development planning and how to make sure you have a good plan to navigate
Make Your Career Move...And Things to Consider Before You Do That
Are you about to make your career move? Then ask yourself...What do you need to do before you make your career move?
Career Motivation: Find Out How To Turn On Yours!
Is your career motivation turned ON? Do you enjoy what you are doing at work? If not, find out how to get motivated for your personal career development planning to take your career to new heights
Career Inspiration: Best Tools To Take Your Career Development To New Heights
Want top-quality career inspiration? Discover a treasure-trove of career development resources and tips to get you all fired up, motivated and propelling you at the top of your career game
Writing Performance Review: How To Write An Employee Performance Review
Writing performance review and want to make it the best? Don’t leave it up to the system - follow these 10 simple steps when writing your employee performance review and make the best of it
Career Reading: Books On Career Development Planning And More
Is your career reading on track? Discover great career development planning, management, leadership, business, entrepreneurship books and valuable career resources for your career edge
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